Kate Middleton’s Family Accused Of ‘Cashing In’ On Pregnancy As They Launch Royal Baby Merchandise

Kate Middleton’s parent’s business has launched a range of baby merchandise with a ‘Little Prince and Princess’ theme, with some commentators accusing the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents of ‘cashing in’ on their daughter’s pregnancy.

Party Pieces, the website run by Carole and Michael Middleton have launched a new range of first birthday party products with a ‘Little Prince’ or ‘Princess’ theme. The party plates, invites and napkins take pride of place on the website alongside further newly launched products for baby showers.

Whislt we reckon the range seems appropriate (and makes good business sense) for a party planning website, some reports are slamming the couple for cashing in on Kate’s baby news.

It’s not the first time the site has been criticised as two years ago Kate’s parents launched a range of themed items to coincide with the royal wedding.

Earlier this year Mr and Mrs Middleton were asked to amend their website after breaching strict advertising laws covering the London Olympics with a range of Games-themed merchandise. They were also accused by Britain’s Got Talent of illegally carrying its logo on their site.

We’re sure Kate and Wills would appreciate some of the baby themed goodies on offer when their little one arrives in 2013!