Kate Middleton Topless Photo Scandal ‘Ruining Sister Pippa’s Career’

Kate Middleton Topless Photo Scandal 'Ruining Sister Pippa's Career'

Photo: WENN

Looks like the fallout from Kate Middleton’s topless photo scandal isn’t over yet as it is reportedly affecting sister Pippa’s book launch later this year as the 28 year-old is wary of saying anything about the scandal.

Apart from an official statement made at the time, which labelled the publishing of holiday photos of the Duchess of Cambridge topless as “grotesque”, the royals haven’t said anything about the scandal.

Pippa was reportedly planning to complete a promotional tour of the US when her party planning book ‘Celebrate’ is released later this month, however this has now been shelved following the topless scandal.

“Pippa has been besieged with offers from everyone in the U.S. media offering her a raft of opportunities,” an insider told the New York Daily News.

“Offers included being a special correspondent on shows like ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ as well as interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey and Anderson Cooper.”

But to protect her sister, Pippa won’t be taking any lucrative offers.

“If she were seen using the royal family to promote her book, she would soon be viewed as the next generation’s Sarah Ferguson,” the source explained. “If Pippa is quizzed about Kate’s topless pictures, then whatever answer she gives will generate more news about the matter, and upset Will and Kate.”

Pippa Middleton has spurned dozens of big money media offers in the U.S. — fearing she will be dragged into her sister’s topless scandal.”

But don’t expect her to be doing any promotion with the Viking Press spokeswoman Lindsay Prevette claiming she won’t be promoting the book. She said, according to NYDY: “Pippa is not doing anything for us. She is not coming here to do interviews and is not available for anything, unfortunately.”

This has reportedly come as a disappointment to publishers who thought getting the first Pippa Middleton would be a huge coup for the company.

The insider explained: “Viking [the publisher] was hoping that there would be a huge swell of publicity for this book which would lead to sales.

“Nobody has really ever heard Pippa speak before and U.S. audiences are fascinated by her. This could have launched a new lucrative career here.”

Looks like any lucrative career will have to be put on hold, for now.