Kate Middleton Too Skinny To Have A Baby?

Kate Middleton might be the nation’s sweetheart, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we all thought that she looks simply stunning in everything she wears, but according to her doctors, she’s too skinny to have a baby with Prince William.

In a recent report, a source has claimed that Kate’s doctors have instructed her to pile on a few pounds if she wants to have a baby, and now the pressure is on since her husband Prince William revealed that they were both keen to start a family.

Worringly the US OK magazine reports that the 30-year-old’s weigh has dropped below 90lbs, which is less than 7 stone – a scary weight for Kate, who stands at 5’10.

“She and Prince William have made no secret that they want to have a baby — they’re hoping to make an announcement this year, while the queen is celebrating her diamond jubilee,” a Royal insider told the magazine.

“Her doctors have advised her to gain weight to improve her chances of conceiving. Wills has been encouraging her to eat more, saying how he prefers her with a little meat on her bones!”

Kate was reported to have lost 14lbs ahead of her wedding to Prince William last year, and even tried to the Dukan Diet along with her mother Carole Middleton, but Kate has still managed to lose more since their nuptials. Nutrition expert Bonnie Taub-Diz, MA, RD, CDN of betterdieting.net reckons that the Duchess has dropped another 10lbs.

“Like any woman, she wanted to lose weight for her wedding dress. The trouble is she’s just kept on dieting,” a source told the magazine.

“These days her diet seems to be nibbling on healthy snacks all day,” a friend said. “She’ll eat a carrot or fruit and often skip meals altogether. When she does sit down with a plate of food, it’s normally salad, or pasta or sushi — and the portions are rarely big.”

Do you think Kate needs to put on weight?

Kate enjoys the Jubilee celebrations…