Kate Middleton Pregnancy Speculation Builds As She Snubs Alcohol

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive AGAIN with speculation on Kate Middleton falling pregnant, after she refused to drink wine while on a nine day tour of South East Asia.

New evidence has emerged to support the notion that our future King William and his new wife Kate Middleton could be expecting their first child.

Whilst on a nine day tour in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Duchess of Cambridge has been rejecting any offerings of alcohol that come her way. Oooooh!

Kate even chose to toast with water instead of wine during a recent dinner with the President of Singapore, while everyone else around her enjoyed free-flowing alcohol.

Kate and Wills joined the President of Singapore, Tony Tan, and his wife, Mary Tan, for a gala at their official residence, the Istana. William enjoyed his glass of red wine, while Kate’s glass of white sat untouched on the table in front of her.

The Daily Mail reports that Kate made two toasts during the event by drinking out of her water glass… and if she wanted to downplay rumours of her pregnancy, we’d have thought she’d take a sip?!

We wonder what they’ll call the baby, if one ever arrives?! Move over Blue Ivy, this is gonna be the most spoiled baby in the world!

Ok, so we know we’re getting a little carried away. But watch this space!

What do you think?! Is she preggers?!