Kate Middleton Met Prince William BEFORE St Andrews University, According To New Book

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s romance blossomed when they were both university students at St Andrews, but according to claims made in a new book about the future queen the couple had met while at school, shortly after which Kate changed her uni choice to match the Prince’s.

The rise of commoner Kate, to royalty after falling in love with William during their days at St Andrews, is the stuff of fairytale but it’s always been speculated that her presence at the same university and course wasn’t so much of a coincidence.

However new claims in Kate: The Future Queen, by royal editor at the Daily Mail Katie Nicholl claim the brunette was already pally with William after meeting him through a school friend from Marlborough College and actually met him in 1999 at his father Prince Charles’ Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire.

Kate Middleton at her graduation from St Andrews in 2005 (WENN)

“We all knew as teachers that that year group was moving in Royal circles, that they were friends,” Anne Patching, Kate’s house-mistress reportedly revealed according to extracts from the book.

The book also claims Kate changed her choice of university from Edinburgh to St Andrews after Prince William’s were made public. Not only that she opted to take a gap year, like the prince and had to reapply to St Andrews to get onto the same course as William, despite securing the grades she needed for a place at Edinburgh.

“Kate’s firm choice was Edinburgh and that was confirmed,” Jasper Selwyn, the careers advisor at Marlborough College revealed.

Patching also added that Kate’s sudden career change came as a surprise to those at her school.

“After she left school, Catherine made some different decisions, but why she made those decisions I don’t know,” Patching commented.

Kate and William kiss at their 2011 Royal Wedding (Splash News/SteveFinn)

Kate spent some of her gap year in Florence before starting uni in September 2001 and if she didn enroll there because of the Prince she wouldn’t have been alone, St Andrews had an increase of 44% in applications following news William would be there for the next few years, with girls hoping to bag the prince given as the reason for the sudden interest.

The pair did eventually get together and married in 2011 after a 10 year romance. Earlier this summer Kate gave birth to their first child Prince George.

Kate’s rise from commoner to royal princess

Kate Middleton with her maid of honour and sister Pippa Middleton before the ceremony – April 29 2011