Kate Middleton Jokes With Prince Harry During Jubilee Balcony Appearance!

We’ve loved watching Kate Middleton’s journey over the past year from Royal Family newbie to an established sweetheart.

Proving that she’s truly “in” with her in-laws, she was seen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace having more banter with Prince Harry than with her actual husband!

Prince William was left to awkwardly sing ‘God Save The Queen’ next to the actual Queen whilst his missus enjoyed a friendly chat with his little brother. (also check out our princesses in movies & tv shows)

We weren’t the only ones who noticed – ‘Kate and Harry’ quickly became a trend on Twitter as people rushed to comment about the observation.

“The queen is seriously the cutest thing and Harry and Kate’s relationship is too cute #bestbrotherinlaw #jubilee,” said one viewer.

But with One Direction fans continuing to dominate the social networking site, a considerable amount of tweets were split between Directioners thinking the Harry was Harry Styles, and others slamming the One Direction fans.

The 1D family, the royal family, what’s the difference…?! (We joke.)

Kate looks gorgeous for balcony appearance