Kate Middleton: ‘It’s Very Nice Being A Princess, William Is Spoiling Me’

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has opened up about being a princess and her relationship with Prince William during a camping trip with school children as part of her work with ARK charitable foundation.

The 30 year-old donned wellies and jeans as she sat round a campfire and explored woodlands with a group of inner city school children over the weekend. Looking less glamorous than her royal wedding last year, the newest member of the royal family admitted it was “very nice” being a princes and added that her new husband is a real Prince charmer.

“We asked how it felt to be a princess and she said it was very nice,” eight year-old Tigerlily Smith told The Daily Mail after chatting to Kate.

“She said she got to visit lots of countries but hadn’t seen as many as William.”

When it came to William it seems the future king is very much looking after his wife of a year with Kate gushing over how attentive he is to her.

“She said William was very sweet and kind and spoiled her.” Tigerlily added.

Since joining the royal family and undertaking royal trips such as this Kate has been hailed as a natural and certainly charmed the school children who she spent the day with, Tigerlily revealing that she was “lovely and very, very pretty.”

It was a more traditional affair on Saturday with Kate joining the rest of the royal family for the Queen’s official birthday celebrations at Trooping of the Colour in London.