Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge Blasted As ‘Stupid And Insensitive’ For Second Luxury Holiday Of The Year

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has come under fire for taking a second luxury holiday of the year, despite the fact she’s only performed three public engagements in 2014. The usually popular royal has been attacked for jetting off to the Maldives with Prince William for a week long break weeks after returning from a holiday on the Caribbean island of Mustique with her family.

Kate returned to full time public duties in September following the arrival of her first child, Prince George, but has barely been seen in 2014 with her three engagements all coming within a week of each other.

Kate and Wills are said to be in the Maldives (WENN)

In January we didn’t see the Duchess at all and it wasn’t until a gala charity event at the National Portrait Gallery on February 11 that was saw her return to public life after the Christmas break.

The previous week Kate had been to Mustique with her family, including son Prince George and after jetting off with Prince William last Thursday for another week long break, some have criticised the Duchess for being “insensitive” and “frivalous”.

The topic has been popular on parenting forum Mumsnet, especially due to the decision of the couple to leave their eight month old son Prince George behind with his new nanny.

One user, Comeatmefam admitted being disappointed by the Duke and Duchess: “Not only is this extremely frivolous of them but it is insensitive and frankly very stupid of them, they will lose a lot of supporters by doing this.”

Pointing out the hardship faced by many families in the UK they went on: “There are people really struggling in this country who will feel bitter and even betrayed that some of their taxes are going towards the added security and other costs of these holidays (I am assuming the actual cost of the holiday will not be paid for by us because they will get it free from the PR company of the resort).”

Prince George will travel with the couple (WENN)

Another claimed it was a sign the couple aren’t as “normal” as they’d like to appear Pickofthepops wrote: “Am envious of winter sun but not of lifestyle. Feel Kate is a little out of touch.”

William, who missed the first holiday due to the agricultural course he’s undertaking at Cambridge University was also criticised for taking a holiday in the middle of his studies.

“I did have some respect for William when he was working on Search and Rescue. But not so since that was shelved,” EnlightenedOwl wrote.

“The “course” he was doing at Cambridge seems to have been created for him and I can’t see what contribution he or Kate are actually making at the moment.”

The security cost for protecting both The Duke and Duchess  as well as their son was also questioned. With Prince George a future monarch, he’ll require a large security detail while away from his parents, something PearlyGrey wasn’t too pleased about footing the bill for.

“Not getting into the they’re paying for it themselves/how did the royals get the money in the first place argument, but the security costs (which we DO pay for) must be astronomical!” they wrote.

“Not only will they we be paying for 24 hour security over there (which surely must involve quite a lot of overtime?) but we’ll also be paying for security for Prince George (if he’s in Bucklebury with Grandparents?). Shame we’ll never be told how much they actually cost us.”

Seems Kate and Wills trip might have been more trouble than it’s worth. But what do you think? Are the royals out of touch for taking a second holiday this year? Do they do enough?

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