Kate Middleton Coaches Sister Pippa Ahead Of Her US Book Tour

Kate Middleton Coaches Sister Pippa Ahead Of Her US Book Tour

Photo: Will Alexander/WENN.com

Kate Middleton has been very supportive of her sister Pippa as she’s works on her new book. The Duchess is said to be offering her sister tons of advise and tips as Pippa prepares to head to the States for a book tour.

A source close to Kate Middleton told LOOK magazine: ”Kate clearly wanted to show that Pippa is truly back in the royal fold.

”The pair have been spending more time together and Kate’s even been giving her some tips for her promo tour around the USA when she launches her party planning book there in October.”

It was previously claimed that senior royals felt Pippa wouldn’t be able to promote her book, ‘Celebrate’, in case it embarrassed her sister, with the source saying. ”I know she won’t do anything that she hasn’t run by the duchess’ advisers, but it is still a very tricky situation.”

Pipa who reportedly infuriated the royals after she was photographed waving a gun with a friend in Paris earlier this year is said to have a better relationship with her sister now than in recent months and the Duchess is said to be supporting her sister as much as possible by given her loads of tips and advice on working in the US and on boosting her image.

And it seems Pippa may not be the only one in need of advice check out photos of Kate’s cousin getting set to strip for Playboy magazine below.