Kate Middleton And Prince William Broke ‘No Boys Rule’ To Live Together At University

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William lived together in their second year of university at St Andrews, where the couple later claimed they fell in love. But it appears it could’ve been a very different story as the landlady who owned the property has revealed she at first didn’t want the prince living at the house because of a “no boys” policy.

Charlotte Smith, who claims to have owned the property where Kate and Wills lived with their friends Fergus Boyd and Olivia Bleasdale, has revealed she had to be convinced to let William move in after a “young lady” attempted to convince her to break her rule.

“We’d had an unfortunate experience with some boys in the flat once before and we were determined not to have young men there again,” she reportedly told ivillage.co.uk. “Broken furniture, broken windows – there was a lot of damage, so that put us off really.

“I said to this young lady we’d really rather not have more boys and she said, ‘What if I were to tell you that it was Prince William?’,” she went on. “I said, ‘I still don’t want to do it, thank you. I’d rather not do that.'”

Admitting the thought of having William at the house actualy worried Mrs Smith, she revealed: “Because I didn’t know how he was going to behave off the leash, as it were. Mrs Smith reportedly changed her mind after talking over the offer with her husband: “I said I’d talk to my husband about it and get back to her.

“My husband and I discussed it and he talked me round. We were really quite surprised that they should choose my flat, but it was very nice with ample living space in the centre of town and it had the reputation for being one of the best flats for comfort in St Andrews.”

Kate Middleton at her graduation from St Andrews in 2005 (WENN)

“We wanted to talk it over with our neighbours and they were all right with it. So we decided we would go ahead and let the flat to Prince William,” she added. After the initial worry, Mrs Smith revealed the Prince was an “ideal tenant”.

“We arranged to meet Kate Middleton, Fergus and Olivia before they moved in but we thought we’d better not ask to see Prince William because we thought his credit rating must be quite good. But he insisted on meeting us,” she explained.

Kate and William went on to marry – but could the landlady have stood in the way if she hadn’t broke the ‘no boy’ rule? (Splash News/SteveFinn)

Reflecting on her first impressions of Kate she said: “She was very friendly. She had her younger brother there at the time – I think just visiting – and she was very caring, making sure that he knew what was going on. They came across as a very nice group of people.”

It doesn’t look like she had any insights into their royal romance though. saying: “I imagine that they all got on very well together, decided to take the flat and whatever happened then happened.”

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Kate Middleton with her maid of honour and sister Pippa Middleton before the ceremony – April 29 2011