Kasabian Slam Miley Cyrus: “She’s Just a F**king Nightmare”

Reading Festival 2012 - Day 2

British band Kasabian have said what we’ve all been thinking. Miley Cyrus is a f**king nightmare. Guitarist Serge Pizzorno commented that he believes Miley and her current racy image that continues to make headlines daily is just the result of everything that’s wrong with the world (basically!). He said:

 ”I don’t really know what that world is, man. It’s just a f**king money making thing. We [the music industry] created Miley Cyrus, man, that’s our fault. She’s just a f***ing accumulation of internet porn, f**king hip-hop, f**king Disney world. She’s just a f**king nightmare of the 21st century. It’s not her fault, but we created that. The way she goes about her business, Twitter, all this b*****ks, blows my mind.”

Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan added that he wouldn’t allow his own daughter to act the way Miley currently does:

 ”I’ll tell you something, my daughter’s not going to be anything like her, no way.”

Despite seemingly abhorring Miley Cyrus, the band don’t have a problem with outspoken rapper Kanye West. Serge commented that he admires Kanye for breaking the mold and fearlessly experimenting with his music. He even says that the band’s next album has been inspired by Kanye’s attitude:

 ”The moves he pulled, for the person he is and how mainstream he is, you have to take your hat off. In rock music I don’t think anyone’s pulled that move. Not to sound like Kanye, but to go ‘f**k it’. I wanted to do the same. I want people to listen to a rock band who play guitars, but are not just a rock band.”

Photo: PRPhotos