Kanye West seen driving in a Hyundai…wait, what?

Kanye West, Mr. Celebrity, Mr. Cool, Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Kim Kardashian can be seen in an Hyundai Elantra as he leaves the expensive restaurant Nobu in Malibu. Check out the video on TMZ.  I now have a little respect for him.  You see, my first car was a Hyundai and I loved it. Nothing fancy, had to roll down the windows, AM/FM radio for media. It did its job for over 100,000 miles and all for about $6000, brand new. Great memories. And now, Kim and Kanye can feel a little more like me.  I’m sure Northwest will laugh at this episode when he gets old enough.  I’m sure he will get toy cars that are more expensive than my Hyundai.  But it’s great to see that even the stars are human.