Kanye West Reportedly Went Willingly to Hospital

Kanye West is now in hospital receiving treatment, although no one knows exactly what’s wrong with the rapper. Reports suggest that he is suffering from exhaustion, while others claim he is struggling with a mental breakdown after ranting on stage at several of his ‘Saint Pablo’ concerts before cancelling the tour. Initially, it was thought that Kanye was taken against his will for a psychiatric evaluation, but now new reports say he went willingly to hospital and was calmer when medics arrived on scene. A source explained:

“There was a small altercation at the gym but he was deemed medically stable and decided to seek medical help at his doctor’s request. He went to the hospital at will under the advice of his physician. He’s fine.”

Kim Kardashian was in NYC at the time to attend a tribute for her late father, but quickly abandoned the event when she heard the news and rushed back to Los Angeles. Friends and family are now spending time with the rapper as he recovers:

“Family and friends are around. Kim is being amazing. As are all of his friends and team and inner circle.”

Momager Kris Jenner commented that Kanye is simply tired from his tour:

“He’s exhausted. He’s just really tired. He’s had a gruelling tour and it’s been a grind so he just needs some rest.”