Kanye West Paying $250,000 for Kim Kardashian’s “Glam Squad” Team

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian go to Epione with Penelope - December 16, 2013

Nothing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian do can surprise anyone anymore, but they may have taken things a step too far when it comes to keeping up appearances. According to reports, Kanye has decided to shell out a massive $250,000 just to keep Kim’s “glad squad” team on hand while she accompanies him on his American tour dates. Kim’s glam squad consists of an always on call team including a professional makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion stylist, who can make Kim photo shoot worthy even if she’s just popping to the shops. A source said:

“Kanye has told Kim he will spare no expense to make her look ready to go to a major photo shoot whenever she desires. So, Kim’s hair stylist, make-up artist, and stylist all based in Los Angeles, are on call 24/7, ready to get on a private jet to be whisked to her location.”

Not just anyone will do, and Kim will only work with people she has specifically chosen to style her when she’s heading out, which is why Kanye decided to keep these people on hand always by dropping big bucks to keep them nearby at all times. An insider said:

“Kim only trusts her team to make her look gorgeous and doesn’t want to work with outsiders. This doesn’t come cheap, and Kanye will shell out $250,000 just while he is on tour for Kim’s glam squad. The money doesn’t mean anything to him because Kanye wants his lady to look perfect.”

Both Kim and Kanye love to shop and dropping big bucks on Kim’s glam squad is nothing for the pair. The source revealed that their money spending habits are similar:

“The truth is that Kanye spends a lot more than Kim does on clothes, accessories and cars. They are a perfect match for each other.”

Photo: PRPhotos