Kanye West ‘Cooling Romance with Kim Kardashian Over Full On, Controlling Personality’

We all know that Kim Kardashian likes to get her own way, but despite knowing her for 10 years it seems her “controlling” personality has come as a shock to boyfriend Kanye West who reportedly doesn’t like how “full on” the reality TV star is.

The couple, who started dating in April this year have virtually been inseparable since getting together and while at first Kanye enjoyed having his beau constantly at his side, friends have revealed the novelty is well and truly wearing off.

“When they started dating, Kanye adored the way that Kim was assertive and ambitious,” a source told OK! Magazine.

“But now the novelty is wearing off. She’s full-on all the time, and he can’t ever relax.”

Since they started dating, the couple have not tried to hide their love and have openly hinted that this is it, they will be together for ever. But, it is thought that the rapper is so concerned at her transformation he has cooled talk of marriage and babies as he decides if this is a Kim he can live with.

It seems the similarity between Kim and her mother Kris is the major fear behind Kanye’s worries as he isn’t keen on becoming another Bruce Jenner, who is bossed around by his ambitious wife.

The insider explained: “Kris can be fearsome at the best of times, and Kim already shares some of her traits. Kim can be bossy, and she likes to be in control, getting her own way – just like her mum.”

They added: “Much as Kanye loves Kim, he’s terrified that as she gets older she’ll become more like her mum – and he’s not sure he can live with that.”

While Kim might be like her mum, Kanye is nothing like Bruce! The rapper was seen in a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians going through the reality TV star’s wardrobe and virtually throwing out all of her clothes, in exchange for what he considers “fashionable”.

While trying on a dress, the ‘Church In The Wild’ rapper tells his uncomfortable looking girlfriend that she’ll be getting on the “best dressed lists now”.

Controlling? Full on? Sounds more like Kanye than Kim? Grow a backbone Kimmie and tell your boyfriend you are capable of dressing yourself!