Kanye West and Selena Gomez Among Stars In 30 Seconds To Mars Video ‘City Of Angels’ (WATCH)

30 Seconds To Mars have released a star-studded promo video for their upcoming single ‘City Of Angels’, directed by the band’s multi-talented lead singer Jared Leto. A-Listers including Kanye West, Selena Gomez and James Franco appear alongside everyday inhabitants of the city to speak about what Los Angeles means to them.

While the video has an uplifting and inspiring mood, it makes no secret of the fact that not everyone in LA is living the ‘American Dream.’ Lindsay Lohan candidly addresses the fact she’s had her own fair share of troubles while 21-year-old Selena talks about the downsides of being a Disney star.

30 Seconds To Mars at the MTV VMAs in August (Andres Otero/WENN)

Kanye, who now lives in the city with fiancee Kim Kardashian and their four-month-old daughter North, opens the clip by listing objects and people he associates with LA, including Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre as well as architecture, Marilyn Monroe and the movie ‘Superbad’. Rocker and actress Juliette Lewis openly declares: “I’m so in love with LA”, though some stars are more sceptical of the city, including James Franco who talks about broken dreams.

Made to accompany their album track, the video was directed by Jared under the alias of Bartholomew Cubbins, and features his band members alongside the movie stars. Drummer Shannon Leto admits he doesn’t know where he would be if he hadn’t come to LA to pursue a career in music. The interviews are juxtaposed with shots of the city by night and the ‘The Kill’ creators performing on a rooftop.

The most moving moments occur when the stars and non-famous people talk candidly about the rougher times. “The city of Angels is where i was able to find myself again, the real me,” explains Lohan. “I disappointed myself for most of my life, I told myself wake the f**k up.”

Kanye speaks candidly in the music video (Judy Eddy/WENN)

Among the regular residents who share their emotional stories are a Haitian migrant who sailed to the USA hoping to acheive the American Dream and another young man who arrived in LA searching for his mother, only to find her living rough. Selena Gomez’s honest account of her life addresses the role Disney has played her life. “I’m a disney kid, people try to tell me what to do every single day,” she says.

“People think I’m a goody-goody. I’m boring, then I’m a famew***e, I use people… Then there’s that,” shrugs the singer.

Even Kanye opens up about tough times, admitting to the camera that LA means multiple things to him. “This city took my mother and this city also gave me my child,” says the Yeezus creator before adding later: “The city of angels is my paradox, my nightmares and my dreams.”

Other stars who feature include Ashley Olsen, Alan Cummings and Olivia Wilde, who found fame on The O.C. ‘City Of Angels’ is taken from 30 Seconds To Mars’ fourth studio album ‘Love, Lust, Faith And Dreams’ which reached number five in the UK albums chart when released earlier this year. The band are currently preparing for a headline tour of the UK which starts in November.