Justin Bieber’s Ex Girlfriend: He’s Always “Got a Buzz On”

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Justin Bieber’s recent arrest is only the latest in a long line of public whoopsies that have plagued the singer’s career. Picking up his first D.U.I. offense, it doesn’t appear as though he has taken the incident too seriously and is currently lounging on the beach in Panama. It’s rumored that his family and friends may be staging an intervention shortly. Justin’s ex girlfriend Milyn Jensen has spoken on Justin’s current state, admitting that he’s always “got a buzz on” so it hasn’t come as a surprise:

 ”It’s no secret that Justin loves his weed – there’s probably not a moment in the day when’s he’s not got a buzz on. He’s surrounded himself with the wrong people. He didn’t want to be the cheesy popstar anymore and has gone way too far the other way. He really looked up to rappers like Lil Wayne. He decided they were cool and who he wanted to be like. And it’s guys like that who do the stuff that Justin now gets in trouble for.”

She added that she thinks his friends are to blame because they are pushing him to act out and he also uses weed and other drugs to escape. She calls his current friends a “bad influence” who she thinks have taken advantage of the vulnerable singer:

 ”They are the bad influence. They took advantage of his desperation to shed his ‘cheesy pop star’ image. I’ve been friends with these guys for a long time. When I ask them how Justin is they always say he’s fine, he just gets down about all the attention. I think he uses weed as an escape. In real life he’s actually very shy and insecure. He doesn’t act cocky or rude like people would assume. He’s just a genuine guy but he needs an escape and he’s chosen the wrong way to feel trouble-free.”

Photo: PRPhotos