Justin Bieber’s Dad: I Can’t Get Him That!

Justin Bieber's Dad: I Can't Get Him That!

Photo: Wenn

We feel for Poppa Justin Bieber; his son has got Selena Gomez for arm candy, worldwide fame and enough dollars to keep him well-stocked in his signature beanies for 2000 years…

So what do you buy the kid who’s got everything?

Jeremy Bieber headed to the mall to shop for his son’s 18th birthday present and, for reasons we’re not quite sure of, decided to film the entire experience. Hey, at least he edited in a pretty awesome soundtrack.

The vid shows Mr Bieber (and we can see where Justin gets his dress sense!) scouring the mall n a bid to find his son the perfect present. But, of course, he finds it pretty tricky:

“What do you get this kid? I need a drink.”

Yeah, we don’t blame you; this is one mammoth task we wouldn’t have dared to take on without an entourage of assistants scouring the internet for ideas!

He goes everywhere, from Louis Vuitton and Gucci right up to Victoria’s Secret… what were you going to get him in there, exactly?

“I can’t get him that, his mother will kill me.”

In the end, he settles for a brand new tattoo of his famous son’s initials on his side. Well what kid WOULDN’T want that to open on their bday, huh?


Check out the doomed shopping experience for yourself