Justin Bieber ‘Wants To Make It Right’ With Selena Gomez After Hearing New Song

Selena Gomez sets the record straight with her emotional new single The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants, baring all about her turbulent relationship with on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber. After hearing the single, Justin is now said to be convinced that the track is Selena’s way of reaching out to him.

The pop princess admitted that the song is all about her rocky romance with the Biebs, so it’s no wonder that the Baby hitmaker is taking the single as a clear message that Selena is still totes in love with her troubled ex. The pair seem to inseparable, no matter what obstacles get in their way. But after a disastrous trip to Paris fashion week which saw Justin get in a scuffle with local photographers and reports of flirting with various models, we thought that was the end of Jelena. But we’re with Justin, could Selena be making a plea to win Justin back?

According to sources, upon hearing the track Justin is said to be holding his hands up to take full responsibility for the demise of their relationship and now he “wants to make it right”. Justin is taking this song as a sign that they will get back together,” a source reveals to HollywoodLife. “Why else would she still be talking about him and how much she loves him?

“He sees this as a signal from her that she’s open to forgiving him. He still totally believes they’re soul mates and they’ll eventually be together,” they added. “The song makes him sad. He loves Selena and he hates to think of her hurting. It’s a painful song. He’s not angry, he’s sad about it and he wants make it right.”


After debuting the heartbreaking ballad, Selena sat down for a chat with Ryan Seacrest where she opened up about her current relationship status, admitting that it’s still not over with Justin. “Is the chapter over?” she asked. “I support him [Justin]. I think I always will. I’m upset when he’s upset, I’m happy when he’s happy. I don’t want anything bad ever happen to him. It hurts me. That’s all.”

Things are definitely far from over for these two. But would you like to see a Jelena reunion?

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