Justin Bieber To Perform Naked At The Summertime Ball?

Fancy seeing where the Biebs will be hanging out when he’s backstage? The star is set to perform at today’s Capital FM Summertime Ball, and you can have a sneaky peek at his dressing room online.

Justin’s fridge is stocked with blackberry vitamin water  – we’re guessing this is to match his trademark purple trainers. He’s also got two comfy purple suede sofas accessorised with Union Jack cushions. After his appearance on Chatty Man last night, he needs to start boning up on all things British so hopefully these will help.

Justin’s dressing room features a recycling can, so the environment must be important to him – but the most shocking thing of all is his empty clothes rail. We don’t know what the singer will wear when he hits the stage – but if his lack of wardrobe items is anything to go by his fans might have an exciting surprise to come!

As well as the sofas, Justin has a stack of chairs so there’s plenty of space for mates to come along and hang out after the performance. We’re waiting for our invite…