Justin Bieber: ‘There Is No Cure For Bieber Fever’

Justin Bieber: 'There Is No Cure For Bieber Fever'

Photo: Splash News

Superstar and the number one person to blame for “Bieber Fever” has revealed that there is no cure for it.

In fact Justin who’s 3D biopic film, Never Say Never is out today, has said that “Bieber Fever” will only spread.

Talking to Bang Showbiz about the epidemic, Justin said: “They may be crazy but they’re the ones that help me to be here and who put me where I am in the first place. I never worry about getting more fans as it spreads.

“And, by the way, there is no cure for ‘Bieber Fever’!”

The singer and now actor also revealed that one of the symptoms of “Bieber Fever” was how fans would go to extraordinary lengths to meet him.

“I’ve done things like signed a cereal box before. But the weirdest thing that’s been done to meet me? Well some girls have got tattoos of my name done. One mum has a tattoo of a radio DJ on her back, which she had done in order to meet me.

“The radio station had a contest and if anyone got the guy from the radio station’s face tattooed on their back, they could meet me, and that was the contest, and she did it. It was pretty weird!”

Do you have “Bieber Fever”?! We do!