Justin Bieber Premieres Brand New Single ‘Hold Tight’ (LISTEN)

Justin Bieber has premiered his new single ‘Hold Tight’ as part of his 10-week long ‘Music Mondays’ series which will see the hitmaker debut some of his new material.

The 19-year-old stayed up until midnight this morning to make sure his Beliebers were treated to his new single ‘Hold Tight’ which boasts a similar R&B sound to the previous songs ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘All That Matters.’ Lyrics include: “They hold on tight, Yeah, they hold on tight/ Ooh, they hold on tight, Them lips won’t let me go” and “Don’t let this go to your head, But you’re the best, I’ve ever had/Not to mention that thing is swollen, You got me oh so in the trance.”

During a massive tweeting spree last night, Justin: “You ladies gonna take it to #1? #HoldTight …dont let this go to your head, but your the best Ive ever had.” The Music Mondays series got off to a soaring start two weeks ago when ‘Heartbreaker’ soared to number one on the iTunes chart in no fewer than 52 countries while ‘All That Matters’ also performed well and is currently at number 20 on the official UK charts.

‘Beauty and a Beat’ singer Justin will also be premiering another new single this week titled ‘Wait For a Minute’ and features Young Money rapper Tyga. “Two songs coming this week,” Justin wrote alongside the track’s artwork on Instagram last week.

Some fans may already be familiar with the track after a version of what is believed to be the song leaked online last month. Justin can be heard singing on the track: “Here you are, with me/And if you take my hand babe/We can go to a place, you ain’t never seen before.”

Justin Bieber Performing At The Singapore Grand Prix
Justin Bieber performs at the Singapore Grand Prix (Sutton / Corbis/ Splash News)