Justin Bieber Pays $80k To Neighbour After Egging Incident

Justin Bieber certainly has yolk on his face after forking out for the huge $80k bill he managed to whip up by throwing eggs at his neighbour’s house. But he’s likely to remain calm about it now that he is undergoing anger management classes to control his wayward temper.

Justin, 20, has already coughed up the hefty sum (what kind of eggs were they exactly?!) to repair the damage caused by the eggs he was caught on cctv throwing at his neighbour’s property in January last year and he is six classes in to a 12-part course to get his anger under control according to his lawyer Shawn Holley, TMZ reports.

Justin was seen attending a church bible study group over the weekend with chums Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin in tow, so it seems he could be trying really hard to turn over a new leaf after landing himself in trouble with the law.

Meanwhile it’s been decided that he will fulfill his community service requirements relating to the case by working for charity foundation MusiCares, which was set up to help struggling with health, addiction and other issues.

It’s payback time for Justin Bieber after he egged his neighbour’s home (WENN)

According to TMZ Justin will spend five days at the facility fulfilling tasks such as painting walls and moving office furniture at the Los Angeles headquarters of the company. This is a move away from the usual community service tasks served by offenders such as picking up rubbish on roads and motorways, graffiti removal and beach clean-up.

Justin was given an alternative due to the likelihood of him getting mobbed and being unable to fulfill his work duties properly. The facility has been used for community service in the past so he isn’t being treated as a one-off.

The chart-topper will complete his community service and his anger management course by February 10 according to Shawn.