Justin Bieber ‘Parties With Group Of Girls’ Before ‘Making It Rain $75k At Miami Strip Club’

Justin Bieber was surrounded by reports that he had blown a whopping $75k on a visit to a strip club recently and another source has now come out and said that the teen also enjoyed a night out BEFORE his saucy shenanigans, with him reportedly hitting Mansion club in Miami to party with a group of lady friends.

A few days after travelling to Aspen for a snowboarding trip with pals, Bieber was spotted hitting the popular nightclub with a group of friends before hitting a local strip club, an insider tells E! News.

“He was sitting at a table with Khalil, Lil Za, and DJ Mauricio,” the source says of the group, who arrived at the club around 2:30 a.m. and stayed for an hour. “They were having a really good time, they were jumping on the couches. Lil Za took off his shirt and then was asked to put it back on.”

The source adds that Bieber ordered plenty of Red Bull and water for his table, continuing to say that during his hour there, a few girls joined the singer and his pals at their VIP table.

The insider continued to say of the fans on the night out: “Justin’s security was very diligent. They did not allow people to take pictures of him.”

The Baby superstar then headed over to Miami’s King of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club with his crew after partying at the hotspot.

“He left to go to King of Diamonds with a group of three girls whose cell phones got taken away by his security before they left with Bieber,” the source explained.