Justin Bieber Harassing Lil Wayne To Collaborate With Him

Apparently Justin Bieber has been texting Lil Wayne almost every day bugging him to collaborate on a song with him. Well Lil Wayne has shot him down saying he’d rather work with Justin Timberlake.

“That’s my little homie now,” Wayne says about Bieber. “He texts me every night asking me to do [his] damn song. That’s my n—-, but I can’t do it.”

“Like I said, I don’t want to f— his s— up,” Wayne continued. “But like I said, I want to work with Justin Timberlake,” he explains.”That boy got a voice; that boy can sing. He needs to come back right there on Tha Carter IV.”

So he doesn’t want to ruin Bieber’s good boy image? I guess that’s one nice way of putting it considering he went on to say how great of a singer Timberlake is.

Photo: Bauer Griffin