Justin Bieber ‘Fans’ Post ‘Self-Harm Photos’ In Protest Of Star’s Alleged Drug Abuse?

In a shocking new development to the recent Justin Bieber drug allegations, people claiming to be his fans have reportedly been posting horrifying self-harm photos to Twitter in an apparent protest against the ‘Boyfriend’ singer’s marijuana use.

Earlier today, so-called Beliebers began posting disturbing photographs of allegedly slashed wrists, blades and blood.

This sudden influx of photos saw the hashtag #CutForBieber and #CuttingForBieber begin trending significantly on Twitter, alongside messages imploring Bieber to stop using recreational drugs.

The horrific “protest” was inspired by photos released of Justin Bieber over the weekend, which showed the pop singer apparently smoking marijuana.

While it was unclear as to how recent or genuine the majority of the images were, there’s no denying that some of the more impressionable Bieber fans out there may have been in danger of feeling under pressure to join the gruesome anti-drugs protest.

Thankfully, some of the more sensible Twitter users responded to the hashtag by posting #CuttingForBieber pictures of themselves using scissors to cut paper – but we are still worried that some Beliebers out there may feel compelled to respond to the latest Twitter fad with their own self-harm images.

Justin Bieber has so far refused to respond to the upsetting barrage of images on Twitter. In the meantime, we beg fans of the star not to get swept up in the latest hashtag and recognise this so-called ‘protest’ as somewhat irresponsible.

If you’ve been affected by this story, please contact mind.org for more information.