Justin Bieber Celebrates 20th Birthday: Has This Been His Baddest Year Yet?

Justin Bieber celebrates his 20th birthday tomorrow and with the teen no doubt glad to see the back of his 19th year, we decided to take a look back through what has definitely been the star’s baddest year yet. From peeing in buckets to telling photographer’s that he’s going to “f**k them up” – check out some of Biebs’ most controversial moments from the past 12 months.

March 1 2013

Justin was in London this time last year to celebrate his 19th birthday, but it didn’t turn out quite as well as he’d hoped, unfortunately. He hosted a bash at swanky nightclub Cirque du Soir, but bosses refused to let Jaden Smith and then alleged lover Ella-Paige Roberts Clark into the venue for being underage.

With the star eventually leaving amid reports he “stank of marijuana”, he headed to McDonald’s and went home, dubbing the evening his “worst birthday” ever.

Oh, little did he know just how bad this year was going to get…

Still March 2013

Not only did Bieber start the month off by turning up late to his O2 Arena Believe gig, leaving parents very angry and fans upset, he was also blasted when he made young girls wait a whopping THREE hours to meet him at a meet and greet, before barely acknowledging them.

Surrounded by negative press, Biebs then took it upon himself to address the situation on Twitter in a ranting essay-like post, before then deciding to cover his face to head out for dinner in the capital, wearing a…gas mask.

Maybe it was this bizarre headgear that then caused him to suffer breathing difficulties on stage, before he had to be carted off to hospital mid-tour.

Once recovered, Biebs then lashed out at a photographer, threatening to “f**king beat the f**k out of him”, when the pap in question told the youngster to get back to the US.

April 2013

The marijuana rumours continue with Swedish cops allegedly finding “drugs and a stun-gun” on Bieber’s tour bus in Stockholm. Police declined to identify the drug in question, saying it had been sent to a lab for an analysis but did confirm a “small amount of narcotics” were confiscated.

July 2013

It seems like Justin’s worldwide fame now means that he can no longer use the loo like you and I, with him being caught on video using a mop bucket in a nightclub to pee in.

“Quick p**s break, this is the quickest place for a bathroom break,” someone says in the video, which shows Justin wee-ing in front of all his friends and laughing. “We swagger man, that’s the coolest spot to piss. You’ll remember that forever.”

July also saw Biebs allegedly spit at a DJ in a club in Ohio after he tried to take pictures of the star during his night on the town. This and the peeing video led to the singer being branded “disgusting and revolting” and just to top it off – he was also pictured spitting from his Toronto apartment, whilst his fans waited below. Nice.

To top off a fantastic month – Justin was then accused of hitting a paparazzi photographer with his car back in June.

August 2013

Photographs of Bieber posing COMPLETELY NAKED with just a guitar covering his private parts emerge online. It was later said that the saucy display was actually for his Grandma with him mumbling lyrics like “I love you grandma, how are you, hello grandma.”

October 2013

Things then quietened down in September, before the legal issues came flooding in in October, with Biebs’ alleged spitting and threatening to kill his neighbour being brought up again, along with yet another row with a DJ who reportedly refused to listen to Justin’s requests in the booths, with this resulting in a full on scuffle.

November 2013

Justin was snapped trying to sneak out of a popular Brazilian brothel with his minders covered in a huge sheet. The star hopped in the back of a car with two girls from the saucy club.

This month also saw Bieber storm off stage without any goodbyes after a gig goer threw a bottle at him. Oh, and the constant late arrivals returned as well. Will he ever learn?

On his Australian Believe tour, Justin also got in trouble for spray painting public property, with the council ordering it to be removed.

December 2013

Justin kicked off this month by being “detained in Oz” after customs officials found drugs on an entourage member. The star is said to have used “inappropriate language” when speaking to female authorities.

On December 25th, Justin then announced that he was retiring…but Bieber haters weren’t so thrilled when he made a DRAMATIC return in January with his bad boy ways.

January 2014

Where to start with January? Not only did the month get off to a thrilling start when Biebs was accused of a “vicious egg attack” on his neighbours, leading to his house being raided and pal Lil Za being arrested, but he then escaped to Miami where Biebs was then jailed for DUI, driving without a valid licence and resisting arrest.

With rumoured romance Chantel Jeffries in tow, Bieber then headed to Panama to escape the media attention, before handing himself in to a Toronto police station over an alleged limo driver attack later in the month.

Singer also “made it rain” $75,000 in a Miami strip club. Standard.

February 2014

In the weeks leading up to the big 2-0, Justin has stayed a little quieter, but he WAS pictured sucking on a stripper’s breast earlier this month.

We wonder what next year has in store for the popstar… watch this space.

AWWWW. Justin gets musical as a tot (Photo: YouTube)