Justin Bieber Caught Leaving Brazilian Brothel: Pays For Two Prostitutes?


Is Justin Bieber so undesirable to women that he actually has to pay for sex? It appears so. The singer was seen being smuggled out of a famous Brazilian brothel after spending a few hours inside (pun intended).  Although his security team tried their best to cover up Biebs as he left shrouded in the brothel’s sheets (complete with their logo), his wrist tattoo and signature trainers peeped through, confirming his identity. His team reportedly tried to spray photographers with water, but they still got plenty of pics of the whole thing, and even managed to get confirmation from one of Bieber’s security personnel of the identity of the famous brothel visitor!

See the photos of Justin wrapped in a sheet with tattoo visible here.

According to reports, Bieber paid for two prostitutes to go back to his hotel with him, where he was subsequently kicked out of his room for supposedly breaking the rules. However, the hotel are claiming it was all down to a security issue because there were too many fans outside, crowding the streets. A source said:

“Justin had been forced out of his hotel by the huge amount of fans that had gathered outside, making it impossible for him to go in and out as he pleased so he planned to go to a private members’ club.”

Justin’s team has yet to comment on what happened, and will probably wait it out, hoping we might forget. We won’t…