Justin Bieber Attacks Siva From The Wanted

Justin Bieber Attacks Siva From The Wanted

Photo: WENN

Teen idol Justin Bieber made it clear who is boss when he met The Wanted backstage at The US Voice recently, punching Irish singer Siva Kaneswaran twice where it hurts.

The ‘Boyfriend’ star must have been feeling a little intimidated by the boyband’s Stateside success and threw a couple of low blow punches at the 6ft 2 star leaving him writhing in agony.

Band mate Jay McGuiness told The Mirror: “We’d done the show and Justin basically just came up and punched Siva hard in the b****. And then did it again. Siva wanted to hit him back, but you can’t go around smacking kids… he’s only little.”

The 23 year-old got no sympathy from the rest of The Wanted who found the whole thing rather funny.

“Siva limped into the dressing room and asked ‘Why’s he picking on me?’ It was funny.” Tom Parker added.

The gorgeous heart-throb is already plotting his revenge and is planning to get the teenager back next time they see him, though joked he could never fight back as you can’t “hit children”.

“Who’d win in a fight, me or Bieber? Exactly.” He said.

“But you cannot go around hitting children. And anyway, he’s got million dollar sperm… I couldn’t possibly go there.”

“But I’ll get him back…”.

The boys put Justin’s low blow down to childish antics although weren’t sure if punching someone could be considered as a “prank” or just out and out bullying.

“Justin Bieber is a prankster.” Jay McGuiness explained.

“He pranks people all day. Although I’m not actually sure that what he did to Siva was a prank…”

We’re not sure either Jay!