Julianne Moore On Diets: ‘I’m Always Hungry’

Julianne Moore has revealed shocking details about the real amount of effort it takes to maintain an ‘acceptable’ figure in Hollywood.

The Boogie Nights star claims that she survives on a diet of “cereal and granola bars” and is “constantly hungry.”

“I still battle with my deeply boring diet of, essentially, yogurt and breakfast cereal and granola bars” the actress told Eve magazine. “I hate dieting. I hate having to do it to be the “right” size. I’m hungry all the time.”

“I think I’m a slender person” she adds. “But the industry apparently doesn’t. All actresses are hungry all the time, I think.”

The actress also claims that she once introduced an almost compulsive routine into her life because of her body issues.

“I used to follow a daily routine called The Lucky Way” Moore concludes. “[It] involved drinking two cups of tea, leaving my apartment at exactly the same time. Pacing my walk to work so I got all the green lights.”