Julia Roberts Slams ‘Shameless’ Angelina Jolie

 Julia Roberts Slams 'Shameless' Angelina Jolie

Julia Roberts has reportedly hit out at actress rival Angelina Jolie, branding her a shameless flirt who can’t act.

Julie is said to have been left cold after watching A Mighty Heart with a group of friends to her Malibu home.

Oscar winner Angelina earned raved reviews for playing tragic widow Mariane Pearl in the film – but failed to impress Julia.

A source tells Star Magazine that Julia told her guests:  “I would rarely way this, but I think I could have done a better job with this film’…And they loved her reaction.”

“Angie isn’t exactly the most loved person in Hollywood,” the source adds.

Another source close to Julia’s husband, Danny Moder, claims that Danny – who worked as a cameraman on Mr. & Mrs. Smith – often returned home with tales of Angie’s flirting with the then married Brad.

“Danny told her it was obvious that Angelina was making a play for Brad,” says the source.  “People on the set called her the Spider-Woman because she was spinning a web for Brad.

“Julia said Angelina had no shame. She’s made it pretty clear that she doesn’t hold Angie in high regard.”