Julia Roberts: “I Think There is a Dehumanization That Goes With Fame”

Julia Roberts has voiced her opinion of fame. The actress believes that currently, fame is “dehumanizing” and there is a lot of pressure on stars regarding the fine details such as hair, makeup and everything else. She thinks it has become a sport to pick apart people in the spotlight for their choices:

 “I think there is a dehumanization that goes with fame, especially in the present culture of it, which isn’t the culture I started off in. There wasn’t this analysis of every iota of every moment of every day. Nobody cared about what you wore, nobody cared what haircut you had, if you had on makeup or didn’t—it’s become this sort of sport.”

Speaking on moving away from the spotlight, taking time off to raise her kids and distance herself from celebrity culture, Julia says it has been refreshing to get away and get to know her kids by being there for them as they grow up:

 “By the time we had kids, I had accomplished things and felt secure about that part of my life. I was so joyful moving into the family phase of my life in a sincere way.  As a result, for a long time [her children] weren’t even aware I had a job because I was home so much. Now they get it.”

On how fame used to be in the past, Julia says it made more sense because there was a feeling of building a reputation and career:

 “You had your job and you got paid $1, and you got your next job and got paid $2. It made sense to me… It used to be that you could build from weekend to weekend and people talked. Now, if there have been two showtimes and it hasn’t sold 10 bazillion tickets, you’re dead in the water. I don’t consider myself a celebrity, [at least not] how it is fostered in ourculture today. I don’t know if I’m old and slow, but there seems to be a frenzy to it.”