Joseph Gordon-Levitt Encrypts his Phone Calls to Stop Government Spying on Him

Joseph Gordon-Levitt says we could be watched, anywhere and at any time. The actor believes that the government are able to spy on anyone they wish and it’s as simple as tapping into anyone’s laptop or phone camera, or even hacking their phone so they can listen in on calls. Joseph explained that he is concious of that possibility:

”It’s not paranoia. It’s just a fact that right now the U.S. government is able to see anything it wants to see in regard to anything digital. Some of the stuff starts to sound paranoid because it’s so extreme, but it’s real. The government could be listening to us right now in this hotel room if it wanted to [through my phone].”

Joseph adds that he covers his webcam with a Band-Aid so he can’t be watched and says it’s a “known fact” that the government do spy through people’s cameras. He commented:

”If the phone is out of batteries it won’t work, but I’ve been told they could be watching you right now on this smartphone camera or on the camera on your laptop. They can do that. I put a Band-Aid on my webcam. Does that look paranoid? You know, if it weren’t a known fact that this occurs, it might be. And by the way, it’s not just the U.S. government. It’s also Google. It’s Facebook. Those companies are at least as aggressive as the NSA.”

He uses a special app to encrypt his calls and thinks everyone should be more aware of the information they transfer online:

“I use an app called Signal, which you can download for free. It will encrypt text and phone calls with other people who use the app. So if for whatever reason you want to talk or text without anyone tracking you, whether it’s the NSA or Google, that’s an easy answer. Honestly, I should do more. I feel we should all do more. I don’t like the nagging feeling in the back of my head when I’m writing an email to somebody and thinking, Man, is this going to get out?”