Jon Bon Jovi Rules Out Plastic Surgery: ‘My Boobs Are Big Enough!’

Jon Bon Jovi might be half a century old, but he’s looking pretty youthful – and apparently, it’s all down to “good genes”, not nips, tucks and man moisturiser!

He told Bang! Showbiz that complicated beauty routines aren’t his thing, but he reckons that looking young is in his DNA.

Jon explained “I don’t know jack. I wouldn’t know one thing from another. I wouldn’t know what to do with moisturiser or any of that stuff.

“I’m not a lotions and potions guy. Are the rest of the band? I’d imagine some of them are, but I don’t go into their rooms, I’m afraid.”

When asked if he’d consider surgery, he replied “No – my boobs are big enough. I don’t see the need.”

However, the rocker does have a routine of sorts. “I work out like crazy. I love running. I’m a runner. I’m an avid runner. I don’t listen to music when I run because I’d get hit by a car. I wouldn’t be paying attention.

“I do five or six miles a day. That’s my thing.”

Bon Jovi are set to headline Barclaycard’s British Summer Time event in Hyde Park on July 5.