Johnny Depp Won’t Have To Testify In Murder Case, He Isn’t Boyfriend Of Alleged Killer

It’s good news for Johnny Depp, the star won’t have to testify in the murder trial of Nancy Lekon, who allegedly knocked a woman over with her limo after she claimed to police she was in a relationship with the actor.

Depp, who is actually engaged to 28 year-old actress Amber Heard had been served a subpoena at the Los Angeles Transcendence premiere earlier this month to testify in the trial.

According to TMZ though the star won’t have to testify as both sides have agreed he definitely isn’t the boyfriend of the defendant.

It had been believed the star’s testimony would support Lekon’s insanity plea. But now both prosecution and defence agree Johnny’s got nothing to do with the case and has no connection to the defendant. So it’s good news for Johnny.

Not such great news is the bombing of yet another movie, sci-fi flick Transcendence has been ravaged by the critics and performed poorly at the box office.