Johnny Depp Wants to Have Kids With Amber Heard

Johnny Depp just had a ‘Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch’ kind of moment. The actor, who is now engaged to Amber Heard after calling it quits with Vanessa Paradis, has gushed about how totally awesome Amber is, which is good because we all still need a lot of convincing. He said she is super duper cool because she knows old blues singers, which obviously makes her incredibly smart. He gushed:

 “In many ways I am everything she wouldn’t want to be with and in a lot of ways she’s everything I wouldn’t want to be with, because actors and actresses… it’s not an easy deal. But she has a good perspective on her career and one of the first times I sat down with her I was astonished at how smart she is. There’s a really strong, brilliant woman in there who has a lot to say. She also has the ability to bring up the names of obscure old blues guys like Slim Harpo or Tampa Red and she has a great knowledge of that and country music. She’s a wonderful girl and I am very lucky.”

Vomit buckets at the ready – he has even more to say. He’s considering having kids with Amber too, adding that he’s enjoying the process of practicing right now:

“As far as having more kids, it’s easy for me, and Amber should have the opportunity to have kids if she wants. Let’s face it, practicing for it is fun and it’s all wonderful. I love kids. I have two and they’re perfect. Man, I’d make a hundred.”

Johnny says Amber is close to his two kids, Jack and Lily-Rose, also gushing about how amazing his kids are:

“They’re like pals and it’s great. Every day I am more and more proud of my kids. They have turned out so well and are good kids and polite and caring. Jack has always been a very talented draughtsman. He draws really well and also has a good feel for music, but aside from school plays he hasn’t shown any desire to become an actor. Whew! My daughter on the other hand is just a genius. Lily-Rose is interested in the arts and in acting, entertaining and singing as well. And she’s got the goods. She can deliver.”