Johnny Depp Stays Away from Booze: ‘I Don’t Have the Physical Need for the Drug Alcohol’

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp denies ever being an alcoholic unlike his drunken character Captain Jack Sparrow. In a candid interview the Hollywood hunk revealed to being sober for more than a year.

“No, I don’t have the physical need for the drug alcohol,” he said in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. “No, it’s more my medication, my self-medication over the years just to calm the circus. Once the circus kicks in, the festivities in the brain, it can be ruthless.”

The 50-year-old actor confessed to being able to live without alcohol on a daily basis.

“I just decided that I pretty much got everything I could get out of it,” he explained. “I investigated wine and spirits thoroughly, and they certainly investigated me as well, and we found out that we got along beautifully, but maybe too well.”

His drinking rep may have come from the circle he mixed with – huge stars such as Keith Richards, Bob Dylan and the late Marlon Brando.

“Maybe that’s why Hunter and I got along so well,” he admitted. “I’m able to continue for great periods of time, weirdly. For weeks. There’s no great point to it, ultimately. You realise that you wouldn’t treat your car that way.”

Depp has had a rocky love-life where drink was perhaps seen as a comfort but not with the divorce from Vanessa Paradis. The couple, who have two children, separated last summer after being together for 14 years.

“In terms of the breakup, I definitely wasn’t going to rely on the drink to ease things or cushion the blow or cushion the situation,” he said of the shock split. “Cause that could have been fatal. I felt it was my duty to be real clear throughout that.”

The actor added he had more serious things to focus on and that was to make sure his “kids were gonna be cool”.

It all began so sweetly fourteen years ago; Johnny Depp spied Vanessa Paradis from afar and sent a friend to see if shed have a drink with him. The rest, as they say, is history…