Jessie J And Cee Lo Green To Record Track Together

Sounds like there’s another big collaboration in the making, after Cee Lo Green has revealed that he is in fact going to be joining forces with Jessie J on a new track.

The star took to Twitter to tell fans of his love for the ‘Price Tag’ superstar…

He tweeted:In the studio with jessie j and I must admit I wanna jump on her back and plug into her like on avatar:),” quickly adding: “Spell check:JESSIE J.”

Jessie then re-tweeted the message and added: “Charge it up! Lol.”

The stars may seem like a bit of an odd couple, but they have more in common than you may think – Jessie J is currently a hit with viewers on new singing show The Voice UK, whereas Cee Lo Green is a coach on the US version of the show, which Jessie also performed on recently.

Meanwhile, Jessie has recently been left upset over recent claims that her health isn’t up to scratch and that her family were concerned that she could be on the brink of another stroke.

The singer was quick to take to Twitter to assure fans that everything was ok.

Tweeting about the false rumours, Jessie wrote: Can I be totally honest for a minute? I was in and out of hospital with real health scares my whole childhood. I have an irregular heartbeat I’ve had all my life & I suffered a minor stroke at 18…”

“Then I go on The Voice UK & stories are like boomerangs, the media tries to throw them away but just keep coming back. Lazy… It’s an easy believable but untrue way the media works.”