Jennifer Lopez And Cameron Diaz Slam Rumours They ‘Didn’t Get Along’

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz has slammed the reports that they didn’t get along on the set of their film, ‘What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting’.

The actresses set the record straight when they appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show together earlier this week. Revealing that the reports of rivalry between them were made up, Cameron, told the talk show host:

“They made [rumours] up about us on this movie…that we wouldn’t talk to each other and there were all these cat fights…They always want women to be cat fighting. They are always pitting women against each other. Are the men all sword fighting? That doesn’t happen.”

Jennifer added: “I was like, ‘I haven’t even seen her yet…give us a chance to get in the room’,” before engaging in a cat fight with Cameron in front of Ellen.

Revealing that she doesn’t like to read the tabloids, Cameron continued: “It gives me that ugly feeling inside. It makes my stomach turn a little bit  when they make up stuff like with this movie when they said we wouldn’t talk to each other.”

During her appearance on the show, Jennifer also addressed the reports that suggested that she was going to adopt a baby after playing the role of a woman who adopts from abroad in ‘What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting.’

Meanwhile Cameron admitted that she is in no rush to start a family. The actress told Ellen: “I love children and have three nieces and a nephew I adore. I would love to have my own family, however that comes to me – whether I adopt, or do it on my own. I just leave it to fate.

“If I didn’t have a child in my life, I wouldn’t feel I’d done something wrong. I have no regrets. That’s like I like to live my life.”

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