Jennifer Lawrence Speaks on Being Bothered While Dining & Working for Dior

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‘Hunger Games’ actress Jennifer Lawrence may be an Oscar-winner but she always sounds very down-to-earth in her interviews and her latest one is no different. She says that she is still adjusting to fame and realizes she has to make some sacrifices along the way. She jokes that she never gets to eat out in restaurants without being interrupted by fans anymore and she would really appreciate being able to sit through a meal but she has learned to be “ok” with it because it’s just a small part of  what she does:

“I want to go out to a restaurant and just eat and be left alone. Thank you for loving my movies; I appreciate it so much, but the greatest thing you could do is let me eat and just go home. But I have to accept that I’m not going to make it through the meal without getting bothered and be OK with that.”

On being the face of Dior, Jennifer admits that she almost didn’t accept the lucrative offer at first but once she attended a Dior show she  was more convinced because she loved the designs:

“I actually said no at first. I thought, ‘I’m not a model. I’m not a spokesperson. I’m just an actor!’ But then [producer] Harvey Weinstein told me I was being an idiot. He said, ‘Just go to Paris and go to thefashion show.’ Once I was at the show, I felt like I had been baptised in fashion. I was just in love with his [Simons’s] clothes, so it would have been ridiculous to say no.”

On banking around $27 million in the last year, Jennifer says it hasn’t changed her but she feels more secure about her future now:

“It means I’m rich, obviously. My dad helps me manage it and I still go over my credit card [limit] every month. It hasn’t changed the way I spend, but it’s nice to know that I can plan a future and be able to put my imaginary children through college.”

She does her best to continue normal life and tries not to let her fame change how she is:

 “I’m doing what a 23 year-old should be doing, which is going home and hanging out with my friend, who, when I tell her to unload the dishes, will tell me to go screw myself. I like to keep living in reality.”

Photo: PRPhotos