Jennifer Lawrence on Being a Body Role Model & Her Body Image


Jennifer Lawrence has spoken candidly on body image, revealing that she believes her ‘Hunger Games’ character Katniss is a great body role model for young people because she doesn’t have a typical stick thin actress appearance. She believes she can help change people’s body attitudes and loves that she can be seen as a positive influence:

“I think she’s a wonderful role model for young girls.” She added “We have the ability to control this image that young girls are going to be seeing. Girls see enough of this body that we can’t imitate, that we’ll never be able to attain. This is going to be their hero, and we have control over that.”

Jennifer believes she is taking positive steps to show girls that they don’t need to have a perfectly skinny body:

“So it’s kind of an amazing opportunity to rid ourselves of that in this industry. I think it’s better to look strong and healthy. I feel like someone like Kate Moss running at you with a bow and arrow wouldn’t really be scary.”

She also thinks she has a healthy attitude towards food and she won’t push herself to work out if she doesn’t think she needs it. She admits that no role has ever forced her to drop weight:

“Nothing can motivate me. During Hunger Games, when I was eating ungodly amounts, I used to tell myself, Stop eating — people are going to see this. This is going to be around forever. But nope! I was like, I still want candy, and I still want a hot dog! And then X-Men started and I thought, Oh, definitely — I’ll be naked, I’ll make myself work out and diet. But nope. Not me!”