Jennifer Garner ‘Worried Ben Affleck’s Batman Costume Will Take Over Couple’s Wardrobe’

While Ben Affleck must be nervously counting down the days till he suits up as Batman, his wife Jennifer Garner is more worried his famous cape will take over their wardrobe.

The Dallas Buyers Club actress joked that she might have to compete with her husband for space once his Batman suit arrives.

“I have seen photos of Ben as Batman. I haven’t seen the real thing yet, but I have a feeling the cape will take up too much room in our closet and shove all my things out of the way,” she told Glamour magazine.

We bet Jennifer is hoping Ben will follow her example and discard his cape and mask once filming is over as she did after starring in the 2003 movie Daredevil (the film where the two met). The Hollywood star admitted she was just happy to get out of her comic-book costume let alone take it home.

“I never kept my comic-book film costumes. I’m always so happy to take them off on the last day of filming that nothing in me wants to hold on to them.”

Ben was announced as the new Batman last August, taking over from Christian Bale, which lead to a slew of criticism; however, several actors have stood up for the Argo actor since, convinced he will have no problems filling Bale’s shoes.

Gary Oldman praised the actor last month, telling E! Online: “He’s got a hard cowl to climb into because I thought Christian had made such a signature on it. But Ben is a wonderful actor, so I’m intrigued to see what he does” the 55-year-old actor said adding: “Ben will do fine. I think he’ll do fine.”