Jennifer Garner Confirms Ben Affleck Will Start Shooting Batman Vs Superman In Detroit This Summer

Ben Affleck is set to start shooting his role as the Caped Crusader in Zack Snyder’s  Batman vs. Superman movie this summer, according to his wife Jennifer Garner.

Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel brings together Ben, who takes over from Christian Bale as Batman, with Henry Cavill’s Superman, following the box office success of last year’s standalone Superman movie.

So far the project has been slow to get off the ground after it was announced last month that the release date has been pushed back from July 2015 to May 6, 2016.

It looks like it’s full steam ahead come summer though as Jennifer has spilled that her husband will begin shooting his scenes in Detroit in just a few months time.

Jennifer Garner has revealed that she and Ben Affleck will be relocating their family to Detroit for the summer for the Batman Vs Superman shoot (WENN)

The actress was talking to Detroit Sports 105 earlier this week to promote her new movie Draft Day, when she explained that the couple will be relocating to the city later this year while filming takes place. “I’ll be there this summer,” she said.

“Yep, all summer. My husband is [filming in Detroit]. Batman is shooting and… or whatever it’s called. I don’t know what it’s called… Superman with Batman, whatever it is. But he is shooting this summer, so we’ll be there.”

Meanwhile it’s thought that the film’s supporting cast, including Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman, will start shooting scenes in May. Affleck and Cavill are both currently tied up with other projects, which could explain their late arrival to set. Henry has been busy shooting his latest movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E while Ben is in the middle of his new project, Gone Girl.

Henry Cavill returns as Superman in the Man of Steel sequel (WENN)

Snyder has already got some scenes in the can though, with the director shooting a sequence at a US college football game in Los Angeles in October, for what is believed to be the opening of his movie. According to the Latino Review, the film-maker was snapped at a game between East Los Angeles College and Victor Valley college at Weingart Stadium, where he shot scenes during halftime.

There was no sign of stars Ben or Henry on set but it sounded like an exciting day with the real life match standing in for a game between fictional rivals Gotham City University and Metropolis State University, with the teams filmed on the field while another scene saw a fight being broken up during the game.