Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Rumours: Could She Be Pregnant?

Jennifer Aniston has been the centre of pregnancy rumours in Hollywood lately, as she has looked to be giving hints to either her pregnancy or her attempts to fall pregnant. Body language expert Judi James gave EntertainmentWise her thoughts on Jen’s hints as to whether or not the actress could actually be pregnant.

Covering her stomach with her jacket, walking the red carpet with peculiar looking cupping marks on her back and postponing her wedding to fiancée Justin Theroux- is Jen going public with all of these signs to support the pregnancy rumours surrounding her?

That could be the case, but given Jen’s age, she’d also be quite lucky to have fallen pregnant, according to body language expert Judi James. She told EntertainmentWise: “I love Jennifer Aniston but bless her, she is 44, so good luck to her if she is pregnant.”

The rumours of her wedding and apparent pregnancy have been rife recently, but it seems these sorts of rumours are the ones with the most anticipated answers, as the world grips onto the latest gossip about her private life.

She is a woman hitting her mid-forties though, so should these rumours really be as surprising as they are? Judi sends us back to reality: “We’re watching her like she’s some sort of 17-year-old princess bride or something like that. As though this is the first time she’s ever been married. I think the problem is she’s America’s sweetheart so everybody wants her to act as she was in ‘Friends’.”

Tiny baby bump or a ‘large lunch’? Jen at the premiere of Call Me Crazy (Splash News)

The signs of her pregnancy have led us to get really excited for Jen, but it seems we can’t escape the fact that she is getting a little older to be falling pregnant.

“Yes of course, she possibly could be pregnant, but she’s squeaking into a slightly older age range for having a baby”, Judi explained.

Jen and Justin have reportedly postponed their wedding so as not to clash with Jen’s ex Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding this summer, but could that really be the reason? Judi thinks there could be something more to it: “It is very interesting, it’s a bit like to Da Vinci Code, the riddle of the fact why the wedding has been postponed. It could be because she’s pregnant or it could be that they’ve just not quite got it together, which I don’t think anyone wants to think.”

Time will only tell whether or not Jen’s pregnant with her first child, and we’re all hoping the rumours are true!

Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Suspicious Looking Cupping Marks On Red Carpet

Jennifer Aniston shows off cupping marks at Call Me Crazy premiere (Splash 170413)