Jennifer Aniston on Surviving the Holidays & Her Eating Habits

Jennifer shares some of her tips for life and healthy eating, and she tries to sell Smartwater at every corner too. Firstly, Jen offers her tips for surviving the busy holiday season, advising us to not overstretch ourselves between activities:

“Don’t over-extend yourself too much. There is nothing worse than wearing yourself down during what is already a busy time for everyone. I know sometimes it’s hard to not over-commit to friends and family during the holidays but I try to be mindful of it.”

She believes in starting the day with a good breakfast:

“I start every day with a good, solid breakfast. I like to meditate every day for even just a few minutes—it helps clear the mind. I take a good multivitamin every day as well.”

Jennifer shares that the fountain of youth is brimming over with Smartwater (of course) and she says she drinks the stuff all day long and it keeps her skin looking great:

“I have said this before but it’s the truth—I really think hydration is so important…and sleep! I drink smartwater all day everyday and I like the new smartwater sparkling water at night with meals. I take care of my skin and try not to go into the sun as much as I used to. Also we are as young as we feel and treating yourself right is a great way to feel good. Being happy is also a key to looking and feeling younger.”

Her meals are controlled and healthy:

Most nights I have protein and veggies for dinner and a chopped salad, no tomatoes for lunch!”

Spending time with people she loves is the most important part of her life:

“Spending time with my husband, my dogs, and long-time girlfriends. Those times are sacred to me and I would never give them up.”