Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Fighting, Jen Seen Flirting With Gerard Butler?


Engaged star couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux might be fighting according to reports. The whole engagement has reportedly turned sour after Jennifer tried to control Justin’s work schedule to make room for the wedding, but wouldn’t allow her own to change. Justin is supposedly increasingly frustrated by her trying to change his plans:

“Jen and Justin were so happy for a few weeks after getting engaged, but soon Justin got extremely annoyed with her. All she talked about was planning the wedding around her schedule, without even asking what his looked like. She even told Justin that he needed to schedule his projects around hers! Justin is a very driven guy and he won’t change his work or personal engagement for anyone, including Jen.”

When the couple were relaxing in Mexico during Christmas, they ended up arguing about work again when Justin revealed that he might be planning a new role. When Jen flipped out, he told her to take it down a notch or the wedding would be off:

“Justin told Jen that he was seriously considering a role in a movie that would be filming later this year, and she freaked out and told him he needs to OK all his projects with her. Justin flipped out and told her that he has a career too, and there’s no way he’s giving it up for her. Justin told her she’d better knock her ego down a couple of notches or he’ll never marry her.”

Is there really trouble in paradise, or are these two just completely perfect for each other?! According to reports, Jen was even spotted flirting/smiling like crazy while around Gerard Butler recently!