Jennifer Aniston Has No Plan B

Jennifer Aniston has publicly distanced herself from the production company she started with her husband Brad Pitt as she felt it was too big for her liking.

Pitt and Aniston started up Plan B with producer Brad Grey and since the company grown enormously; producing block busters like ?Troy? and ?Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?.

After the couple were divorced Aniston discontinued her business relationship with the company and therefore her ex.

She said: “Me and Brad did have a little company before that sort of changed. I’ve removed myself from that. I just took a couple of projects from it that I love. It kind of got bigger.

“It grew ten heads and became this huge thing, which is wonderful. It took on an amazing life really fast, but I kind of sat back and thought about it deeply, and asked myself if it was something that I was interested in being a part of.”

More like she couldn?t bear to be around Brad.