Jennifer Aniston ‘Burst Into Tears’ Over ‘Fat’ Bikini Snaps?

Jennifer Aniston apparently thinks she’s “fat and ugly” after seeing paparazzi pictures of herself on holiday in a bikini.

It’s claimed the 40-year-old – who has the body of a 20-year-old – is obsessed with her figure at the best of times.

But her insecurity reportedly went into overdrive after she cast a critical eye over photos of herself soaking up the sun Mexico earlier this month.

“Jennifer has always been insecure about the way she looks, but something about these photos set her off,” said a source.

“She obsesses over every inch of her body. Some days she loves it, other days she hates it. And although she looks amazing for a woman of her age, when she saw those photos of herself in Mexico, she said she felt fat and ugly and burst into tears.”

The insider added to US tabloid the National Enquirer: “No matter how hard everyone tried to tell her otherwise, Jennifer simply wouldn’t believe them and kept going on and on about her weight.”