Jenelle Evans Legally Forbidden to See Husband After She’s Arrested for Heroin Possession


‘Teen Mom 2’ reality show star Jenelle Evans has claimed to have been set up by her husband Courtland Rogers following her arrest when she was found to be in possession of heroin and there was also an assault charge thrown in for good measure. According to reports, the court have now told Jenelle she is legally forbidden to see her husband. The couple previously split up and only got back together in March this year. An insider commented:

“The judge ordered them not to have any contact with each other whatsoever.”

Her attorney couldn’t confirm if Jenelle would opt to divorce Courtland following the arrest but a friend says that right now, she is planning to:

“Right now, she says she’s divorcing Courtland.”

Jenelle has one child who she no longer has custody of following a recent stint in rehab and a battle with drug addiction.