Jay Z Has Turned Down His Invite to the Kimye Wedding

Despite being close friends with rapper Kanye West, Jay Z  isn’t planning to show up and support his friend on his big day. Kanye is set to marry Kim Kardashian is a sickeningly over-the-top Parisian wedding this summer and Jay isn’t even planning to show his pretty little face so he can laugh about how basic it is to their faces.  According to reports, Jay is using the excuse that the event is “too public” and obviously, he simply couldn’t be seen with commoners – gasp! A source says that he has thus turned down the invite but has planned to throw Kanye a stag night instead:

“Jay Z would be there if it wasn’t going to be such a public event. Instead he’s making it up to his mate by throwing him the most extravagant stag do (party) known to man. It will cost a small fortune – and to top it all off he’s chucked (thrown) a £100,000 yacht rental in there as a wedding gift as well.”

In other weird Kardashian-related news, Kris Jenner took to her Instagram to celebrate her wedding anniversary to Bruce Jenner – er, despite their recent separation. She wrote:

“Happy anniversary to one of the most amazing men I know!!!! I love you, wow 23 years!!!!! Love… We are officially vintage.”

And to add to the family drama, Khloe Kardashian is now dating rapper French Montana, who the media are branding as basically evil – apparently he left his past girlfriend just to be with Khloe. The couple were seen enjoying the weekend in NYC together but apparently “no one thinks this will last.”  French has yet to receive the full Kris Jenner media makeover package so perhaps it really is a fling.